Organizers: FGBU Center for the Development of the Water Management Complex (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation), FGBU Zapovednoye Pribaikalye, the Irkutsk branch of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, OOO RT-NEO Irkutsk

Description: Unauthorized landfills both large and small appear on the shores of Lake Baikal annually because of the actions of tourists and the local population. It is impossible to ignore the situation and leave it as it is. Sooner or later, the garbage will become hazardous food for animals and birds and its decay products will end up in the soil and in the water of the unique lake. Every year, both specialists and concerned people gather together to clean up the areas in a timely and safe manner and dispose of waste legally. In an organized way, they go to a cleaning site, rent specialized transport and provide the loading also having time to communicate and participate in eco-games and environmental education events. Join the friendly clean-up teams!